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About us

New concepts lead to better experiences

A young company with a wealth of experience. Created in 2004, Inbani has evolved into a leader in innovation thanks to a conviction to create products which truly benefit the well-being of the customer. This brand has quickly developed and grown strong from humble beginnings.

Presence through an ever-expanding network we distribute to more than 50 countries worldwide

Speaking of ‘worldwide’, we have been recognised at international fairs such as ISH or Saloni Milan and received renowned awards such as Red Dot and Design Plus.


We strive for excellence in all of our products which is why we choose our providers very carefully, looking for the best in Spain and Europe, always ensuring that they can meet our high standards.


If it isn’t hand-crafted, it isn’t Inbani. With this premise, we manufacture each part individually, always using the process which is both most efficient and which creates an unbeatable look and feel.


Every piece is sophisticated down to the smallest detail, because we love what we do.

Technical Service

Our fully qualified technical department are always on hand to give the best support to our customers with any doubts they may have, in as little time as possible.

Our Designers

Norm Architects / Seung-Yong Song / Daniel Debiasi & Federico Sandri / Francesc Rifé / Arik Levy / Soda Designers / Víctor Carrasco / Ludovica + Roberto Palomba with Matteo Bollati and Stefano Contini / All The Way To Paris